About Us

SportsPave's mission is to give the power of organization to local sports teams, leagues, athletes and fans around the world; thereby helping them to get noticed and build a solid following.

SportsPave is meant for every day use to set up leagues, teams, and events – and to pass this information seamlessly to fans. Most of all, we hope to provide each member a simple and functional foundation so that you can spend more time watching and playing the game.


League organizers can create league pages and communicate to the teams in their league. Coaches can organize teams and recruit players. Athletes and fans can create personal pages for themselves and update their info through the settings tab. And everyone can be a fan of everyone else, allowing them to give their support to the group or individual of their choice.

Any member can subscribe to the calendar of another member or team. By subscribing, your personal calendar will be updated with that person’s or group’s upcoming events. As a convenience feature we’ve included a filter for your calendar in order to provide ease of use.

We have also provided an email system integrated with the site to facilitate communications and a search feature to help you to find other members and teams.

The user search provides the ability to search for people according to their name while the team search provides you the ability to search by name, geographic location, and sport.

We will be providing other features in the future, so be sure to stop by regularly to check out our updated content and add to your functionality as a member.